i don’t know what i’m doing…………

So has anyone ever had so many ideas of things that they want to do, but never actually get many of them done. Well that’s me.

I am always wanting to make something, bake something, create something, but then most of the time the end of the day arrives and I have done very little at all (housework not included) It may well have a lot to do with the fact I have an 11 year old, a 16 month old and a partner (sometime man-child) and although at times life can be busy I still manage to sit back and think that I have wasted so many hours in the day that I could have used more constructively.

And it looks like I’ve now added blogging to my list of “Things to do’…….. thanks to my friend Annemarie.

We had grand plans to learn photography together and start a small business. We researched the cameras we wanted, the styles of photography we like, took little road trips around our local area and found interesting things to snap………then, they up and moved away…….. to Queensland no less !!

Anyone else may well have given up at this hurdle but no not us ….. we are now setting ourselves a challenge … well Annemarie set it…… we have to use our cameras everyday (for learning and practice) and we have to upload our pics and blog about it.

I am not sure how I am going to go with the challenge as it was supposed to start on the 1st march … (Whoops…….I’m 11 days late)

As you can imagine learning how to do this has now put all my other ‘To Do lists’ on the backburner.

This could be fun if I can get into the swing of it !!

Not the best photo, but I do love her chubby little hand and the fact she would not let go of the Hermit Crab !!

Gotcha Hermit !!

Gotcha Hermit